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Think positively and have your own creativity
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Recruitment period

24/7 reception

Reception documents

Applicant form (download and fill out our form)Downloads

How to apply

Online application through e-mail and website

Email +82-43) 241-2504

(At the time of submission, the name of the attached file is displayed as Name_Recruitment Division. ex. Gildong Hong_OO Division.docx)

Admissions process

step 1

Application received
(E-mail reception)


Document screening


practical interview


executive interview


final pass

Announcement of interview candidates and successful candidates

Individual text messages will be sent to interview candidates and final successful applicants


Admission will be canceled if false information is entered when submitting the application form or if the submitted documents are different from the facts. Submitted documents will not be returned and will not be used for any other purpose.