Quality Policy

ENGION Co., Ltd.

will make every effort to help building the future for customers by running the optimal quality control system for the semiconductor manufacturing processes.

Also, we will fully take our responsibility on increasing the future value so that we can become an irreplaceable company necessary to both domestic and global markets.

Quality Policy


Customer ServiceNO.1

Optimal quality and customized service beyond the customer expectations

Immediate client-oriented actions

Customer trust gained with the right service from the very beginning

Speedy customer response system built


Quality ActionNO.1

Operation system faithful to basics and principles

Internally operating management system with preventive actions

INTERLOCK system for ZERO failure cost

System of gaining optimal quality with proactive adoption of the latest technology


People ManagementNO.1

A persistent person who keeps trying passionately until their objective is fulfilled

A creative person who pursues continuous innovation

A person with leadership who gets their team's job done

A person who concentrates on their work while having fun doing it


Quality Policy