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EngiOn, a company specializing in system semiconductor wafer post-processing service, participates in IMID 2021

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EngiOn, a company specializing in system semiconductor wafer post-processing service, participates in IMID 2021 [첨부 이미지1]

EngiOn (CEO Na Jung-woon) will participate in 'IMID 2021 (Korea Display Industry Exhibition)' held at COEX Hall C in Seoul for three days from August 25 (Wed) to 27 (Fri).




Established in 2003, EngiOn focuses on system semiconductor wafer post-processing services and display inspection technology.




It has a number of certifications such as venture business certification, global strong company, global IP star company, and material parts specialist, and is growing as a strong partner of global semiconductor and DISPLAY companies such as Samsung Display, SK Hynix, Silicon Works, and DBH.




EngiOn has developed a technology that can be introduced into the actual process to predict the electrical properties of IGZO itself. After the IGZO thin film is formed, the characteristics of voltage and current are measured directly. A three-terminal measurement facility was constructed and a probe unit composed of Micro Probe Pins was developed and applied to this technology.




Through this, the Vth of IGZO can be predicted, and since this process is not an indirect method, a separate process is not required. It can be used for various purposes, and it is expected that it will be usefully used in the process of developing IGZO film formation facilities or metal oxide semiconductors of new composition.




We are developing 6th generation equipment with the goal of the second half of this year, and we plan to develop 8th generation or more large-area automation facilities so that it can be applied to mass production processes. In addition, additional sensitivity improvement is planned for more precise measurement.




Meanwhile, the main exhibition items of IMID 2021 hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association and sponsored by the Korea Information Display Society are as follows. △OLED, LCD, Wearable, Flexible, Touch, Automotive, Micro Display △Display-related equipment and facilities-Production equipment, inspection equipment, measuring equipment, repair equipment, measuring equipment, clean room equipment, etc. △Display-related materials and parts-Glass, Color Filter, BLU, Polarizing Film, Drive IC, OLED Material, ITO Target, etc.​​